Lyrick Shou al Hal? ( شو الحل؟) - Elissa (إليسا)

Original lyric (Arabic)
إليسا - شو الحل؟

كيف بتنسى الهوا و بتروح
و القــلــب ...مجروح
و آه ..منك آه أخذت الروح
قول.. عني ليش صرت بعيد
عني بعيد شو غيرك؟
يا حبيبي بخاف اسألك
إنت حبيبي بس .. وحدك بس

و أنا لغيرك لا أنا ما بحن
ابدا بعدك شي مرة احب
و انا قلبي بعدك
ما بحياتو دق
ابــــدا لأ
لو بتظل حدي ظل
معي تبقى
و ما تفل
شو الحل
ما يشوفك حدا .. شو الحل

لا.. مش انت يالي كنت تقول
راح نبقى سوا
و بتحميني من غدر الهوا
انت حبيبي بس
وحدك بس

Translation in English
Elissa - What's the Solution?

How can you forget the love and go when your heart is hurt?
And with a sigh from you you took the soul
Say why have you have become distant from me
What changed you to make us so far apart?
My darling I'm afraid to ask you
You are my only darling... you alone

Besides you I will never long for anyone else and my heart will never beat for another
Never no
If you stay by my side
Stay with me and don't flee
What's the solution?
Nobody sees you... what's the solution?

No... it's not you who's saying that we're going to remain together
And you will protect me from the betrayal of love
You are my only darling... you alone
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