Lyrick Saharni Habibi (سهرني حبيبي) - Elissa (إليسا)

Original lyric (Arabic)
إليسا - سهرني حبيبي

سهرني حبيبي كتير
حدك شو بيحلا السهر
كيف بدي روح مشاوير وحبك عا قلبي أمر

نادي قلبي نادي
بتفرح عيني إذا بتنادي
اهديني حب اهديني
تبقى بقلبي واسمك عا جبيني
والليل بيطول والفرحة بتطول
حبك مش معقول
ان شاالله يا حبي الفرح بيدوم
ومنك ومني بيغاروا الناس
انشاالله ياغالي تبقى مغروم
وقلبك وقلبي بيدوقوا الكاس

ولعني وتركني نار
وعلم عيني الحكي
وخلي اللي بيغار يغار
لا ترد ولا تشتكي

Translation in English
Elissa - Keep Me Up My Darling

Keep me up my darling
This is what makes the sleeplessness sweet
How can I go on when your love consumes my heart?

Calling, my heart is calling
My eyes light up if you call back
Calm me down, love, calm me down
You'll always be in my heart
We're meant for each other (literally: "your name is written on my forehead," it's kind of a fatalistic idea, that in Arabic what will happen in your future is written (by God) on your forehead)
As night goes on my happiness grows
Your love is unbelievable
God willing, my love, this happiness will continue
And people will be jealous of you and I
God willing, my precious, you will remain in love with me
And you and I will taste the cup (of love)

Set me on fire and let me burn
Teach my eyes to speak
And let those who are jealous be jealous
Don't respond to them and don't complain
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