Lyrick Matkhafsh Minni (ماتخافش مني) - Elissa (إليسا)

Original lyric (Arabic)
إليسا - ماتخافش مني

ما تخافش مني انا اللي زي تخاف عليه
ده انا اللي زي مرة في العمر تلاقيه

تعالي حبيبي مش حانسى حبك مهما كان
يا حبيبي غير حضنك انت ماليش مكان
يا حبيبي فهمني خايف مني ليه

انا مش حاكمل يوم بعمري اللي بيك
وعشان اعيش لازم اموت طول عمري فيك

Translation in English
Elissa - Don't Be Afraid Of Me

Don't be afraid of me
I am the kind of person who you feel concern for
I am kind of person you only meet once in a lifetime

Come on my darling
I won't forget your love no matter what
My darling without your embrace I have no place
My darling understand me, why are you afraid of me?

I won't complete a day of my life with you
And because I must die throughout my life for you (not literally)
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