Lyrick Khud Balak Alaya (خود بالك عليا) - Elissa (إليسا)

Original lyric (Arabic)
السيا - خود بالك عليا

خد بالك عليا دي مش معاملة تعاملني بيها
وابقى افتكر ليا ايام تعبت عشانك فيها
يا ريتك بس تفهمني وماتستهونش
بوحدة تبقى مجروحة ومبتبينش
دي الوحدة اد ما بتضحي وتستحمل
اول ما بتفكر تنسى مابتستادنش

كان في حاجات ناقصاك وانا كملتها
وحاجات كثير مش حلوة فيك جملتها
انا فرصة لو ضيعتها هتزعل عليها
مين غيري عايشة تخاف عليك طول عمرها
مين غيري هتسيب روحها ليك لو سبتها
مين غيري لو تحتاجلها قوام هتلاقيها

Translation in English
Elissa - Pay Attention to Me

Pay attention to me
This is not how you should treat me
And remember that I've tired in my days because of you
If only you would just understand me and not consider me insignificant
Along you remain hurt and don't clear up
This is loneliness
As much as you sacrifice and bear
As soon as you think you'll forget you don't ask permission (i don't know what this means right here)

There were things you were lacking and I completed them
And many things not nice about you that I made beautiful
If you've lost an opportunity you will be angry about it
Who but me lives caring for you for all her life?
Who but me would leave her soul for you if you left her?
Who but me if you needed her would you find her right away?
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