Lyric Ya mokhtar el Mokhatir (يا مختار المخاتير) - Fairuz (فيروز)

Original lyric (Arabic)
فيروز - يا مختار المخاتير

يامختار المخاتير بحكيلك الحكاية
أنا مبحب الشرح كتير ولا في عندي غاية
بدي تفللني بكير, يامختار المخاتير

هِني كانوا زعلانين, أنا شو بدي فيهن
قلت براضي العشئانين, زعلوا أهاليهن

حطوا الحق عليّ, وآلو هالحشرية
يصطفلوا شو ماصار يصير
وخللي هالزير بهالبير
آه يامختار المخاتير

صار في خناء (خناق) وصار في ناس, كلّون شاهدوني
وكراكون وهيصة وحراس, لعندك جابوني
تاري في محاكم, وفي محكوم وحاكم

Translation in English
Fairuz - Oh Mayor of Mayors

Oh mayor of mayors I'll tell you a story
I don't really want to explain and I don't have any stake in it
I want you to let me go soon, oh mayor of mayors

Here there were angry people, what would I want from them?
I said I'll square things off with the lovers and their families got mad

They blamed me and accused me of meddling
They said whatever happens happens
They left me this cicada with this well
Oh mayor of mayors

There was a fight and some people, all of them watching me
One attacked and all the rest of them guarded in order to bring me to you
In the courts there are judges and the judged
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