Lyric Wadah Min Imta? (وده من امتى؟) - Hayat (حياة)

Original lyric (Arabic)
حياة - وده من امتى؟

ودة من امتى
قولى اعملك ايه عايز منى ايه اشتاقلك ولا ايه .. ودة من امتى
سهران يا حرام حيران يا سلام معقول دة كلام .. ودة من امتى
ولا ليله بتنام ولا قادر ع الغرام وعايزنى ارجع اوام .. ودة من امتى

مش كل مرة هعديها .. تجرح وترجع بعديها
بكل شوق تقول كلام وانا هقولك ودة من امتى

انا قلبى دايما فى ايديا ممكن اشيلك فى عينيا
لكن تعيش عليا كتير برده هقولك ودة من امتى

Translation in English
Hayat - And This is Since When?

Tell me what you want me to do for you
What do you want from me?
You miss me or what?
And this is since when?
You're sleepless, shame on you
You're confused, oh my
It's just talk
And this is since when?
You don't sleep at night nor can you handle the passion
And you want me to come back right away
And this is since when?

I want let it go every time
You hurt me and come back and I let it go
With all desire you say things and I will say to you 'and this is since when?'

My heart is always in my hands
Maybe I'll carry you in my eyes
But you live on me so much after all (meaning he needs her)
I'll say to you 'and this is since when?'
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