Lyric Oul Alaya Magnoon (قل عليّ مجنون) - Hisham Abbas (هشام عباس)

Original lyric (Arabic)
هشام عباس - قل عليّ مجنون

وراءك أنا والزمن طويل
أنا مش حسيبك

قول عليا مجنون
قول عليا موهوم
خدها كلمة مني ومن الآخر
حتحن في يوم

حتقولي امش
مش حمشي
حتجبلي حد يقولي امش ما مشيش
أنا غصب عني ما بنامش
وبقيت خلاص من غير هواك
مش عارف أعيش

اعند وبرضه حتشتقلي
في حاجات لايمكن تتدخل عقلي
دي ماتقيش
ما هو مستحيل متهيئلي
حد تعملوا ده كلوا ليــه
ما يحبنيش

Translation in English
Hisham Abbas - Call Me Crazy

I'm behind you
No matter how long it takes
I won't give up on you

Call me crazy
Call me delusional
Mark my words, in the end you'll feel for me someday

You'll tell me get out of here
I won't go
You'll bring some one to tell me to go away
I won't go
I don't sleep and I can't control it
If I was without your love, I don't know how I'd live

Be stubborn but eventually you're going to miss me
There are some things that can't enter my mind
This you can't get away
It's clear to me that's completely impossible
Why would someone do all this?
If they didn't love me?
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