Lyric Hassayara (هالسيارة) - Fairuz (فيروز)

Original lyric (Arabic)
فيروز - هالسيارة

اسمك شغلك ضيعتك
انا اسمي زيون
عندي بالمدينة محل صحون
وستي من ضيعة كحلون
يلا معك كحلون
هالسيارة مش عم بتمشي
بدنا حدا يدفشها دفشة
يحكو عن ورشة تصليح
وما عرفنا وين هي الورشة
مبارح شفناهن رايحين
على قمر العشاق طالعين *2
نحنا بمطرحنا واقفين
والسيارة مش عم تمشي
يغيب نهار يطل نهار
والناطر ناطر على نار
بيجي مختار ويروح مختار
والسيارة مش عم تمشي

Translation in English
Fairuz - This Car

Your name is your work and your village
My name is Zayoun
I have a restaurant in the city
My wife is from the village of Kahloun
God be with you Kahloun

This car doesn't work
With need someone to give it a push
He told us about a repair shop
But we didn't know where the repair shop was
Yesterday we saw them leaving
The lovers look up at the moon
We're standing in our place
And the car doesn't work
A day comes and goes
The one who waits waits in a fire
Chief comes and a chief goes
And the car doesn't work
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