Lyric Bahebik Waheshtini (بحبك وحشتيني) - Hussain Al-Jasmi (حسين الجسمي)

Original lyric (Arabic)
حسين الجسمي - بحبك وحشتيني

و بحبك وحشتيني بحبك و انتي نور عيني
ده و انتي مطلعه عيني بحبك موت
لفيت قد ايه لفيت ما لقيت غير في حضنك بيت
و باقولك انا حنيت بعلو الصوت

و كان الوقت في بعدك واقف ما بيمشيش
و كانك كنتي معايا بعدت و ما بعدتيش
في دم حبيبتي و امي و زي ما اكون ما تدعيش
بعدت و كنت هاعمل ايه
مين اختار غربته بايديه

لكن حبك ده ما نستهوش و عايش فيه
ليه اتاسف عالغيبه ما غبتيش لحظه و قريبه
ما حدش عنده كده طيبه و حنيه

Translation in English
Hussain Al-Jasmi - I Love You, I Miss You

I love you, I miss you
I love you and you are the light of my eye
When you look into my eyes
I love you to death
How many times have I searched and searched?
I have not found a home except in your embrace
And I'll tell you I long for you at the top of my voice

And when I was away from you time stood still
As if you could have been with me I moved away and you did not
In the blood of my beloved and my mother
Don't let me be how I am
I moved away form you, but what was I supposed to do?
Who chooses his own estrangement?

But this love of yours I couldn't forget and I live in it
Why be sorry for this absence when you were never asent, always near (because she's in his heart)
No one is as kind and nice as this
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