Lyric Mawhoum /موهوم - Joseph Attieh /جوزيف عطيه

Original Lyric (Arabic)
كلمات موهوم - جوزيف عطيه

دوّر بقلوب الناس
عَ قلب ما خانو الهوى
عَ قلب ما بعمرو انكوى
بتلاقي الماضي اللّي انطوى
مين قلّك رح نرجع سوا
مين قلّك رح نرجع سوا

عاش الجرح بالرّوح
وعاش القلب مجروح
ووعود تمحي وعود
وإنت ما كنت تعود
قلبي صرخ ملّيت
مشيت بدرب مجهول
قلت الجرح مقبول
راجع بقلبي تعيش
مات القلب لتعيش
شو عملت ما حسّيت
ما تقلّي ضاعوا النّاس
اللّي ضاع ضاع من الأسى
اللّي كان بالماضي انتسى
دمعة ما تجرّب تلمسا
لا نهار باقي ولا مسا
لا نهار باقي ولا مسا
ولا غيوم

Translation in English
Lyric Don't Go by Joseph Attieh

Search in people hearts
For a heart that hadn't been betrayed by love
For a heart that hadn't ever been burned
You will only find the the collapsed past
Who told you, we will back together?
Who told you we will back together?
you are delusional

The wound has lived inside my soul
And my heart has lived wounded
Promises have been erased( forgotten) and back again
But you've never been coming back
My heart cried( shouted) I had enough
I walked an unknown road
I said, the wound was accepted
You coming to live in my heart back again?
My heart is so dead for you to live
What have you done, didn't u feel it?
Don't tell me people were lost
That what was lost, was lost because of sorrow
all the past has been forgotten
a tear try not to touch
No morning left nor evening
No morning left nor evening
Nor clouds( were left)
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